Interview with Dr Edwards

Dr Richard Edwards

I am particularly interested in the evolution of new traits, and how organisms might adapt to climate change. I’ve always been interested in evolution – the evidence for it and how it works. This, combined with a love of organic chemistry at school, developed into a fascination with genetics, which I went on to study at university. My research allows me to combine my interests in genetics and evolution with another one of my favourite activities, computer programming.

The diversity in BABS makes it an interesting place to work, and get exposed to a wide range of top quality science. As a reasonably small school, there is a great sense of collegiality and all being in it together.

A career in science can be very rewarding, but is also very challenging. Keep your options open – both to what the science itself might reveal, but also the opportunities that might present themselves in the future. We need more scientific thinking across society (particularly in politics), so don’t be constrained by narrow definitions of what it means to be a scientist.